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What is the electronic PA?

Payroll Services partnered with Financial Affairs Information Technology (FAIT) to develop an electronic Personnel Action (ePA) form. The ePA was developed using Everest, a software platform that enables FAIT programmers to design business applications through forms, automated workflows, data and reports. The ePA form has replaced the use of both paper PA’s and Banner EPAF’s, making the PA process faster and more user friendly. It eliminated the need for wet signatures and allows originators to track the location of an ePA through the approval process. 


Cindy Blakney, Payroll Systems Administrator  


Diann Hayes, HR Specialist (technical assistance)


Helpful Links

ePA Purposes

ePA Form

ePA Form Guide


myEverest Guide

Approver Guide

Video Tutorials

Accessing an ePA via Email Notification (Approvers)

Accessing an ePA via myEverest (Approvers)

ePA Correspondence

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Phase 3 Enhancements 02/15/2018

Phase 2 Enhancements 06/03/2016

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Year End Reminders for Approvers 12/16/2015
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