Payroll Services

Payroll Schedules

For assistance with general payroll questions, please call the HR Service Center at (205) 348-7732. If your question requires a technical payroll investigation, you may be referred to the appropriate payroll contact. If you are calling regarding a specific employee, please have the employee's CWID available.

Holiday Schedule

For guidelines on how to compensate employees who are required to work on or during any of
the above holidays or holiday periods, please refer to HR Policy #601, or call Human Resources at
(205) 348-6690.

Bi-weekly Payroll Schedule

The bi-weekly payroll is processed every other week with payday on Fridays. Direct deposits are available on payday. Checks may be picked up at HR Administration Building, Suite 1001, between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.

Monthly Payroll Schedule

The monthly payroll is processed once a month with payday on the last work day of the month. Please refer to the monthly payroll schedule above for Personnel Action form (PA) submission deadlines. PA forms that are submitted after the deadline will result in late pay to the employee(s).

ATTENTION: To avoid possible overpayment to an employee that is terminating in the same month as his/her last pay date, please contact Monica Hatchett at (205) 348-8215, to stop the appointment in the system while the PA is being processed.

Mid-Month/Supplemental Payroll Schedule

The mid-month/supplemental payroll is processed once per month with a pay date on the 15th. If the 15th of the month falls on a weekend, the pay date is the preceding Friday.

Summer/Interim Payroll Schedule

The summer/interim payroll is processed once a month with payday on the last day of class.

Summer Research Payroll Schedule

The summer research payroll is processed in May, June, July, and August, and is on the same Personnel Action form (PA) due date and pay date schedule as the monthly payroll (see monthly payroll schedule above for PA form deadlines).